Monday, August 12, 2013

US is involved in ‘Hot War’ with Russia, fought by proxies

William Engdahl to RT: "The battle over Syria is part of the Hot War between a coalition of 

countries of which Russia and China are critical factors that are resisting that one country 

dictates the term in military and other senses - economic and financial - to the entire world. I 

think that is a very unhealthy, one-sided or lop-sided state of affairs."

RT: The Russian deputy foreign minister didn’t have a particularly productive discussion with the US Secretary of State in Brussels. Are there any indications that the same talks that are happening today will be any different?
William Enghdal: I doubt it rather seriously. The decision by President Obama to cancel the meeting with Putin before the G20 meeting is really an indication of a lack of strategy on the part of Obama rather than the putting down of Russia. The background to that is the fact that there are not only fundamental differences between the two sides, the United States government in Washington has been trying since the end of the Cold War to dismantle Russia, quite simply, with missile defense, with the plundering of their economy through using the IMF and shock therapy in the ’90s.............