Saturday, November 2, 2013

Russia looks at hypersonic flight plans

Russia is accelerating plans to set up a new holding company to develop hypersonic technologies. As stated by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, overseer of the entire defense industry, the project can be compared to the atomic bomb, in terms of the potential scientific and technological breakthrough.
The new holding company will include the Tactical Missiles Corporation (TMC) and the Scientific and Production Association of Machine Building (SPAMB), the latter of which is expected to withdraw from the Russian Space Agency.
"It's not just an attempt to link brain and industrial capacity. Looking ahead, we'll need to think about possible test sites. We believe that mergers, net takeovers, will help us raise the tempo in the field of hypersonic research," said Rogozin.
"The merger will help focus financial resources on priority areas to create new types of missiles, including ones based on the principles of hypersonic flight. Overall, the holding will be a key center of competence in Russia's expansion of both tactical and strategic weapons. It should be noted that the scientific and technological potential of TMC and SPAMB is very great indeed," said Igor Korotchenko, military expert and editor-in-chief of the journal National Defense.
In recent years, the development and implementation of hypersonic devices has become a stable trend in the global arms market. In particular, this year has seen the U.S. test-launch of its new X-51 Waverider missile. The tests failed, however.....