Saturday, November 2, 2013

Radio The FBI could have stopped the Stratfor leak at any point – Sue Crabtree

The persecution of Jeremy Hammod is being largely ignored by the US mass media but the case of the young man who is accused of being involved in the passing of the Stratfor E-Mails to WikiLeaks is full of contradictions and serious reasons to question the motivations of the judge in the case and the entire prosecution, including the role of the FBI which is has been revealed not only orchestrated the hack through an FBI informant known by the code name Sabu, but could have stopped the leak of the files anytime had they wanted. The FBI were in fact storing the "Stratfor Files" on their own servers for two weeks before the files were released to WikiLeaks. According to Sue Crabtree, a close friend of Jeremy and the mother of the family who took Jeremy in and whose children considered to be a brother, the FBI may have been interested in the activities of Stratfor which may explain why they held the material on their servers for so long. Mrs. Crabtree also believes that the FBI was interested in selling the material to WikiLeaks in order for them to be charged with espionage.